[texhax] Newbie alginment troubles

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Jul 29 08:32:11 CEST 2014

FE>>> I wondered, how do I make it so that my docs text does
FE>>> not go off center per page when it is a pdf file?
FE>>> For instance:
FE>>> Text of first page
FE>>>         Text of second page
FE>>> I'm certian that it is this way to facillitate printing
FE>>> but it looks horrible on a monitor and I want a way to
FE>>> turn it off.

This could have been enough to be interpreted as a request
about customizing margins, and it is common to recommend the
geometry package for this purpose,


read its documentation; perhaps also look at something like


JW>> As always with code-like questions, a minimal working
JW>> example would be very welcome here. In general, there
JW>> should be no issue with text 'migrating' off pages.
FE> I don't recollect saying that the text goes off the page,
FE> rather the exaple I gave before and my messages indecated,
FE> or were supposed to, that the text one one page is aligned
FE> to the right where as the text on the following page is
FE> aligned to the left as though there was suppossed to be a
FE> binding in the center. Here is an example, it is the
FE> memoir doc. I got it from
FE> http://mirror.unl.edu/ctan/macros/latex/contrib/memoir/

Due to some bias, some thought it had been a request of type
"something's wrong" and expected an example of input code
such as 

        Something filling three lines on a page ...
        Something filling three lines on a page ...



while the OP just referred to fine typography which he doesn't
like at a certain stage of his work.

Now with memman.pdf, and if you are brave, you also could read 
it and use \documentclass[oneside...]{memoir} (pp. 1ff.) and
customize page layout dimensions according to its pages 7ff.

HTH --Uwe.

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