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Fri Jul 11 17:06:22 CEST 2014

On Fri, 11 Jul 2014, Mike Makai wrote:

    I am using amsbook style, and my problem is how coud make consequtive references to items 5,6, and 7 appear as [5-7] in the printed text. The main point: the hyphen should be within the \left [ and \right]. 

the cite package will do what you want.
here's a test file that demonstrates it.

Here we want to cite several consecutive items:
\bibitem{a} Dummy bib item 1.
\bibitem{b} Dummy bib item 2.
\bibitem{c} Dummy bib item 3.
\bibitem{d} Dummy bib item 4.
\bibitem{e} Dummy bib item 5.
\bibitem{f} Dummy bib item 6.
\bibitem{g} Dummy bib item 7.

just be aware that if your cites are grouped,
they won't be linked separately if you're also
using hyperref.
						-- bb

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