[texhax] LaTeX to Word Assistance

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Jan 30 21:13:44 CET 2014

 >| We received a LaTeX file from an author and need a Word Document
 >| from it. Would you please advise me as to the best method of
 >| conversion that keeps formatting intact?

There is no single "best" method and keeping all formatting intact
is an unreachable objective as Word itself doesn't keep all
formatting intact from one system to another.

I've used the oolatex script in the tex4ht package to convert LaTeX
to openoffice xml and then openoffice.org will convert that to rtf.

I've also used the PDF to Word app by Intelligent Converters which
gives you some configuration options (text flow vs. original

You might also consider whether converting from professional quality
typesetting (including mathematics) to an office application is the
best strategy to use for a scientific journal.

Bob T.

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