[texhax] January 2014 TUG news: election, ctan, meetings, tugboat, comic

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Sun Jan 19 01:28:13 CET 2014

Dear TeX users,

Happy 2014! May the new year bring you all the best. 

The latest issue of TUGboat, the last for 2013, features the proceedings
of the 2013 TUG conference in Tokyo. TUG members have reported copies
arriving, so if yours hasn't hit your mailbox yet, it should be there
soon; it is also available electronically in the TUG members area. The
deadline for the next issue, 35:1, is March 10.

TUG 2014 returns to the United States, specifically Portland,
Oregon (home to the TUG office). The exact date is still
in flux as we negotiate with sites, but late July still looks
most likely. 

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, we've had some 
discussions on the TUG Board about trying to
solicit more volunteers. We have volunteer opportunities in
a variety of areas, from serving on committees to heading up
projects to writing up documentation and creating artwork. 
I'm pleased to say that Paul Thompson stepped forward, and 
I've appointed him the the bursary committee. There's still a
need for additional volunteers for other committees and projects.
If you have any time at all to give back to the TeX community,
feel free to contact me (president (at) tug.org).

Work on the TeX Collection software for 2014 is already underway. We 
anticipate the schedule to be similar to last year's.

Other news

* Peter Wilson has created a calendar, of Japanese woodblock
  prints (by Hokusai, Hiroshige, Tamenbura, etc.), made of 
  course with TeX. To get your own copy, visit

* Upcoming meetings (links on http://tug.org):
  DANTE e.V.'s 25th anniversary, Heidelberg, April 11-14, 2014.
  EuroBachoTeX 2014, Bachotek, Poland, April 30-May 4, 2014.
  8th ConTeXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, Sept. 8-13, 2014.

Happy TeXing!

Steve Peter
TUG President
(on behalf of the TUG Board)

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