[texhax] problem with a defined command

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Jan 17 19:30:59 CET 2014

Donald Arseneau wrote:

> Phil, you know better than that!  For TeX, there is no space
> in "\end {align}"

In a normal catcode régime, I agree; but consider :

\documentclass {minimal}
\begin {document}
    I worked
\begin {verbatim}
    And I didn't
\end {verbatim}
\end {document}

Why does the second verbatim group provoke an error ?
Because of the space.

Now given that the alignment environment is re-scanning
things, without reading the source we cannot be sure
what catcode régime is in effect, and therefore it is
quite possible that \end{align} and \end {align} are
as different as \end{verbatim} and \end {verbatim}.

** Phil.

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