[texhax] Looking for some to hire to put my document in this template

Lorah Bodie lbodie at mail.sdsu.edu
Sat Jan 11 19:38:03 CET 2014

My issue has been resolved. Thanks!

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On Jan 10, 2014, at 10:32 PM, Thomas Schneider wrote:

> Karl:
>> For the umpteenth time :), attachments are *not* removed on this list,
>> or any other tug.org list.  I surmise Lorah simply forgot to actually
>> attach the template, something we have all done.  If there is evidence
>> to the contrary, I'd like to see it.  (If you're referring to the "HTML
>> attachment was scrubbed" message in the archive, the word "scrubbed" is
>> misleading; the attachment is still available, and you can click on it
>> to see it.  [And it is just the useless HTML copy of the plain text
>> email that mailers so love to send out these days.])
> I interpreted her word "template" to mean "LaTeX" - that is, to
> convert from whatever format she has (perhaps a doc variant) into
> LaTeX.  But only she can clarify that!
> Tom
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