[texhax] minitoc off by one

Ron RJF Fehd ron.fehd.macro.maven at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 15:50:22 CET 2014

back in early December I posted a Q about problems I was having with
chapter minitoc not agreeing with the minilof and minilot.

I eventually arrived at my solution by backing out of the several packages
that claim they have to be loaded last including
* hyperref
* minitic
* thumbs
* glossaries
and by-guess-and-by-golly
testing with the Wolf-Fence algorithm
until I had it working again.

The problems I noticed were incidentally solved by preparing a master
document with the include command so I could produce individual chapters
using the book==refrep class
rather than the article==refart class.

What the creation of the master document showed me
was that I had conflicting minitoc commands in my main.doc and chapters.

In particular I had a Preface that I wanted in the ToC
without a chapter number and minitoc, minilof, and minilot.

I changed from chapter{Preface} to chapter*{Preface}
and also changed the sections to section*.
I used the minitoc command \mtcaddchapter[Preface]
and everything is working now.

summary: RTFM, <sigh> and build carefully from the package documentation.

Ron Fehd {SAS} macro maven
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