[texhax] FW: Arrow head too large on \overarrowright

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Wed Jan 1 14:06:20 CET 2014

On Tue, December 31, 2013 3:45 am, Bob Tennent wrote:
>  > > you've omitted a definition of \m at th.
>  > That is a standard macro.
> Donald:
>   \documentclass{amsbook}
>   \makeatletter
>   \def\overarrow@#1#2#3{\vbox{%
>    \ialign{##\crcr#1{\smaller at than#2}\crcr
>    \noalign{\nointerlineskip\kern.12ex}$\m at th\hfil#2#3\hfil$\crcr}}}
>   \def\smaller at than#1{\ifx\scriptstyle#1\scriptscriptstyle\else
>     \ifx\scriptscriptstyle#1\scriptscriptstyle\else
>     \scriptstyle\fi\fi}
>   \makeatother
>   \begin{document}
>   $\overrightarrow{AB}+\overrightarrow{BC}=\overrightarrow{AC}$
>   \end{document}
>   :
>   ! Undefined control sequence.
>   <recently read> \m

You get that error when you put it in your document instead of
a .sty file like I suggested.  Oh. You have \makeatletter...

Oh Ha Ha!!!!

In your original message, I thought you were said "m at th"
because your local mailer blocked your message with "m at th".
But you got the mail that way!  My message of course had the
at symbols intact when I entered it, and they stayed intact
during the round trip through texhax and back to me.  I'm
not sure what nanny filter made the change.

Donald Arseneau, TRIUMF CMMS, asnd at triumf.ca

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