[texhax] How-to hide text in beamer for different modes?

Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 14:42:53 CET 2013


I want to create two different versions of a presentation (and handout).
The complete versions should contain all and everything and hence is
pretty much what beamer offers as standard.
However, the second type should omit certain parts of a frame. The
frame should look identical to the first version and just leave space
for the omitted parts.
For the presentation I would like to write via a tablet PC into the
slides, the handouts allow students to add notes and details in the
same way.
Nevertheless, sometimes I might want to get the complete presentation
(e.g. in case I only repeat something). Also a set of complete frames
for handouts might be useful e.g. as reference material for myself.


1. I thought I can create a new command which makes text simply white
(on a white background) for the incomplete set or black for the
complete set. Drawback: The text is still there and one could copy and
paste it from a PDF viewer. Colouring text or using another background
color, would be problematic.

2. I think beamers overlay sensitive mode system does already almost
what I want. I would need an additional mode "complete". Then I could
compile different versions by using the \only<complete> command for
text I want to have in the complete version. However, I couldn't find
any info how to create an extra mode under beamer.
The idea is described in more detail here:
However, they differentiate between handouts and presentation whereas
I want a "complete" set and "partly" set of handouts and presentation.

3. Is there any other possible method to do this?
Again what is important is the fact that the space and structure of a
frame remain the same independent whether the additional text is added
or not.

Thanks a lot for reading and helping


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