[texhax] special letters in tex

Sylvain Poirier trustforum at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 15:26:53 CET 2013

Hello. I wrote a text in .tex that I publish in pdf using pdftex, and
I try to have it translated into other languages. I have problems for
recognition of some letters and alphabets by pdftex.
A big problem I face is that every time I make a search, I only get
answers about latex, not tex.
Here are my specific questions now:

- In Serbian language there is a barred d : đ
I managed to find that I can catch this letter in tex by the command
\catcode145=13  \def^^91{{\dbar}}
However I need to find a definition of this letter \dbar, that in
other places I see called \dj.

Doing an extensive search it seems that in some latex style file there
is a definition
\def\dj{\@ae at compl{158}}

At another place I found


I would like to know what I can precisely put in the headers of the
file to make it work by pdftex.

Another question is, is it possible for pdftex to recognize the
cyrillic alphabet.
Thank you for your help.

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