[texhax] Typesetting in Hebrew

D.Edmons dedmons at comcast.net
Tue Nov 19 06:45:51 CET 2013

I found a text that actually works.  Sorry to bother everyone.

On 11/18/2013 08:34 PM, D.Edmons wrote:
> Hi,
> Though I still use (La)TeX for some simple English documents, I left off
> using it several years ago due to it being quite unable to support
> Hebrew (without doing backflips, cartwheels, and painful contortions).
> Now, with utf8 evolving as the new text standard, I'm hoping things are,
> or will be different.
> Already I've been able to view some very simple Hebrew using XeTeX and
> the TeXworks "editor". However, the result is quite awful. In terms of
> display, if I input the following text:
> This is a simple English sentence.
> and it were displayed as:
> English .sentence simple a is This
> the average user would be outraged, but this on my first simple test, is
> almost exactly what I get: gibberish.
> Are there any actual Hebrew users here? I couldn't find an IL or He user
> group.
> I know there's a plethora of attempts to solve this, but what is the
> current state of affairs, and where do I go for the most authoritative
> information? XeTeX and TeXworks seems to be a good starting place if
> they are able to fix their very broken Hebrew support.
> Feed back would be most welcome! (I'm working on two projects: writing a
> prayer book with combined English and Hebrew. Formatting the text of the
> Tanach/Torah. Accuracy is very much required!)
> Thank you and Shalom.
> Dale Edmons

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