[texhax] PDF forms: fill in textfield once, show its contents often throughout document

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Fri Nov 15 19:05:49 CET 2013

Hi folks,

after days of searching the 'net and trying to wrap my mind around the problem, 
I come to you in hope one of you might have a good idea for me.

I would like to generate a PDF document with textfields that can be filled in by 
the user (that part works). What I don't know how to archive is that I want the 
user-supplied contents to be displayed at several places thoughout the document, 
preferably without further user action. And to ease writing, I want those 
repetitions provided by a macro.

I certainly don't have a _working_ minimal example, but I hacked together my 
rough ideas in case someone wants a starting point for development. But please 
don't feel restricted by its form or choice of packages! I might well have run 
into a mental cul-de-sac.

Any suggestions welcome!


\usepackage[pdftex]{hyperref}   % probably pdftex option is not needed

\usepackage[pdftex]{insdljs}    % probably pdftex option is not needed
% whatever callbacks might be needed...

%% no idea if this really must be here:


Here's the master textfield:
\TextField[name={FirstName}, value={Susan}, width=9em]{}%

% a command to display the master textfield's contents
% (this.getField("FirstName").value):
     % No idea how to access this.getField("FirstName").value here.
     % I probably need another (readonly) textfield and some callbacks:
         % <--- what to put in here???
         width=9em, align=2, readonly=true]{}%

Within the rest of the document, I would like to use \DisplayFirstName macro 
many times
to have the first TextField's contents (\DisplayFirstName) shown.


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