[texhax] Baskervald no spaces...

Peter King peter.king at utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 14 15:37:51 CET 2013

The Baskervald font looks like an attractive implementation of Baskerville,
and was installed by my package manager already on my system (Gentoo Linux)
under texmf-dist. The first time I tried running it I got a message that the
font couldn't be found, so I added the mapfile:

   $ updmap --enable Map=ybv.map

which cured that problem.  But the resultant .dvi file has no spaces between
words and, apparently, no kerning either... it all comes out as one big glop,
even on the most minimal test, under plain TeX on the 2012 TeXlive system.
The minimal test file is:

  This is a test of Baskervald.

I tried generating pk-files by hand to see if that made a difference. It did
not.  Clearly, there's a step I'm missing in preparing the font for use.  But
the .tfm, and .pfa/.pfb files all seem to be in the right places, and indeed
the file compiles with no complaints -- it just doesn't have any spacing.  So
what's the configuration step I'm missing here?  There is no obvious clue from
the documentation and googling didn't turn up anything either...

(Suggestions/solutions for plain TeX, please; it may be that this particular
problem is easier to solve under LaTeX, or XeTeX, or LuaTeX, or ConTeXt, or
some other variant, but I have strong reasons for staying with plain TeX if
at all possible.)

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