[texhax] Today's binaries on old texmf trees

Alex Scorpan scorpan at msp.org
Tue Nov 5 05:09:15 CET 2013

> Nevertheless, if you are interested in long-term preservation, the
> better strategy is to test your sources on recent systems and inform
> package authors if something doesn't work as before.

Alas, core packages like microtype and hyperref were the biggest offenders, constantly leading to linebreaks changes (maybe they've stabilized in recent times).  Recently, even xypic changed something in their vertical spacing, leading to pagebreak changes.

Thus, my naive attempt to pair the original sources with their contemporaneous packages, but try to run present binaries on them (my thinking being that, in the long term, binaries will expire sooner than the packages).  

I guess it'll have to be something more sophisticated than just modifying the search paths.

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