[texhax] metafont mystery

Peter King peter.king at utoronto.ca
Fri Nov 1 01:45:42 CET 2013

For reasons unknown to me, when I try to access yinit from plain TeX, I
get a message about the font not being found.  So, I run metafont on the
yinit.mf file installed as part of my distribution (texlive2012 on gentoo)
and generate a yinit.2560gf file, way too big. A bit of digging led me to
metafont, and the line:
  # mf '\mode=ljfour; \mag=magstep(0);' input yinit.mf
generates yinit.600pk, which is useful.  But then when I try to view the
file, I get a message saying that it can't locate yinit.1120pk, and will
therefore try scaling up yinit.600pk which will produce cruddy results.

(Errr, it may be the message is just that it can't locate yinit.1120.)

Well okay.  How do I produce yinit.1120pk? The yinit.log file *says* it
is producing it (it's the last entry in the log), but darned if I can find
it on my system; my fear is that it's putting it in /tmp and getting 
erased almost immediately.

Any advice, suggestions, ideas?

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