[texhax] What program can I use to edit TeX files?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Mar 24 12:00:10 CET 2013

Thomas Schneider wrote:

> Vim, emacs or other straight text editors will do it.  Word or other
> word processors take a long time to start and are awkward to
> manipulate in comparison.  

. . .

> So while I'm editing the
> source latex .tex file in vim, I type a single ',' and my scripts
> automatically typeset and Skim redisplays without me taking my hands
> off the keyboard.

I cannot imagine anything that Word could possibly do that is
more awkward than interpretting a comma as a command to typeset
a file.  Do you have to prefix every ordinary comma with some
meta-command to prevent typesetting taking place ?

Word may not be the world's finest TeX editor, but at least
it does not usurp the meaning of one of the most common
characters used in texts.

Philip Taylor

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