[texhax] On the \\ problem

Robert Wilson millstadtf at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 02:19:31 CET 2013

Don't replace \\<NL><NL> with \\<NL>, replace it with <NL><NL> LaTeX
basically ignores whitespace, so 5 consecutive new lines is equivalent to 2
(but different than a single new line).

The \\ is the problem; that's what you need to get rid of. As Pierre
mentioned, the substitution is straightforward in emacs, but as far as I
know can't be done in, e.g. MS notepad. What text editor are you using?

And yes, it's likely you will have to spot check to verify you didn't
replace anything you didn't mean to. (This is what grad students do best :-)


On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 6:10 PM, Michael Barr <barr at math.mcgill.ca> wrote:

> To all those who suggested changing \\<NL><NL> to \\<NL> it doesn't and
> really cannot work.  I got some mysterious error messages (mostly owing to
> \\ followed by a blank line inside xy-pic constructions, although one I
> couldn't track down).  But I fixed that and compiled the document.  The
> trouble is that now the entire article (or, to be precise, each chapter) is
> now a single paragraph and set that way.  Thus there are no \parskip and no
> \parindent and, while you could omit either one, you cannot omit both and
> have a readable document.
> Thanks for trying.
> Michael
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