[texhax] What program can I use to edit TeX files?

Henry Law news at lawshouse.org
Thu Mar 21 20:10:47 CET 2013

On 21/03/13 18:45, Steven Pisano wrote:

> All I'm doing is editing the language in the .tex files. I am not editing equations.

I have experience of helping a geologist friend of mine write a book in 
LaTeX when all he'd ever done before was use Microsoft Weird, so I have 
a bit of experience in this area!

I had him download and use "Crimson Editor" (now called Emerald Editor) 
which is easy to install, has syntax colouring and bracket matching, as 
well as a "library" facility, and is pretty easy to use -- at least he 
thought so.

It's available here http://www.crimsoneditor.com/english/download.html

I definitely support the idea that Word is a bad choice for an editor. 
Although people know how to use it, most of what they know how to use is 
positively unwanted when coding (La)Tex.


Henry Law            Manchester, England

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