[texhax] Having a Problem Compiling My Tex Document

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Mar 15 20:32:44 CET 2013

I found Peter's "Thanks to all" below in my "unknown" box, five hours 
after my 


("\problemboxsol").  According to its time, it is just a reply to 
Susan's diagnosis


You also see the original code snippet that Peter sent to the same 
5 people (while not to texhax), and you can conclude how carefully 
Susan made a "minimal example" from it.  I am posting this to 
clarify and make public what happened.

As to the "boxing" component of the problem, I have collected some 
links to CTAN packages under


once I should add the new CTAN topics such as


As to the "problems and solutions" component of the "problem",


collects a few links. Nicola Talbot has just updated her "probsoln"




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Betreff: Re: [texhax] Having a Problem Compiling My Tex Document

Thanks to all of you guys for finding my problem.  

On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 6:54 PM, Peter Price <peterprice4 at gmail.com>

Hello All,
The following snippet of code is having a problem:
13. Let $K = \mathbb{Q)(\sqrt{m})$, let $p$ be a prime integer and let
$m \neq 1$ be a square free integer such that $m \equiv 1 \emph{mod} 4
\item[a.] Prove: $p\mathbb{Z}$ ramifies in $K/\mathbb{Q}$ if and only if
$p \mid m$.
\item[b.] Perform computations analogous to those made in section 4.8 of
the text. (Note that $2\mathbb{Z}$ will be unramified in $K/\mathbb{Q}$,
and care must be taken to distinguish between the split and inert cases
for $p = 2$.)
{\it Solution.} \bigskip
%--------insert your solution to problem 2 below this line
Also, I am using packages: amssymb, amsmath, amsthm, mathrsfs
Thanks for the help.

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