[texhax] Having a Problem Compiling My Tex Document

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Mar 15 05:42:59 CET 2013

Am Donnerstag, den 14.03.2013, 13:45 -0700 schrieb William F Hammond:
> I've not seen the true original, only the minimal example.
> With the identified error corrected, there are still a number
> of things one might point out for someone new to LaTeX.
> > \documentclass{article}
> > \usepackage{amssymb}
> > \usepackage{amsmath}
> > \usepackage{amsthm}
> > \usepackage{mathrsfs}
> > \begin{document}
> > \fbox{\parbox{\textwidth}{\vskip.2em
> > 13. Let $K = \mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{m})$, let $p$ be a prime integer and let
> > $m \neq 1$ be a square free integer such that $m \equiv 1 \emph{mod} 4$).
> > \begin{enumerate}
> > \item[a.] Prove: $p\mathbb{Z}$ ramifies in $K/\mathbb{Q}$ if and only if
> > $p \mid m$.
> > \item[b.] Perform computations analogous to those made in section 4.8 of
> > the text. (Note that $2\mathbb{Z}$ will be unramified in $K/\mathbb{Q}$,
> > and care must be taken to distinguish between the split and inert cases
> > for $p = 2$.)
> > \end{enumerate}
> > \vskip.2em}}
> > {\it Solution.} \bigskip
> > %--------insert your solution to problem 2 below this line
> > \end{document}
> "1 \emph{mod} 4" does not look good to my eyes, and there's
> a stray parenthesis to the right.  I think "\pmod{4}" (or
> "\bmod 4") would be better.
> In this clip the "fi" ligature is appearing for itself
> (twice).  This may not be a good thing; replacing it with
> simple "fi" will, I think, work more universally.
> My reference materials are not handy, but I think for LaTeX,
> \vspace should be used in preference to \vskip, and,
> moreover, I think it's better to use ex units (rather than
> em units) for vertical lengths.

And (1) it is often recommended to use \textit{Solution.} 
rather than {\it Solution.} (not so relevant here, rather 
with automatical kerning).

More seriously, the enclosing box is twice wider by the 
box rule widht and the separator width than the text width, 
you get an overfull \hbox warning. To avoid this, before 
\fbox should be \leavevmode\kern-\fboxrule\kern-\fboxsep, 
and after it there should be \kern-\fboxrule\kern-\fboxsep. 
But after that, the box is still too wide, and I must stop 
diagnosing now. For boxes around text of full text width, 
there are packages like framed and mdframded (and others 
I think), I cannot give more advice right now.

Good night,


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