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Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Mar 12 22:59:52 CET 2013

Karl Berry wrote:

>     unfortunately this mailing list (support at tug.org leads to a mailing
>     list) does not accept attachments
> This is not true and has not been true for many, many, years.
> As I've said many times before in response to this persistent myth.
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% !TeX Program = XeTeX
\input a4%-landscape
\font \headerfont = "Calibri-Bold" at 36pt
\font \textfont = "Calibri-Bold" at 24pt
\baselineskip = 26pt
\parindent = 0 em
\tabskip = 0 pt
\def \Vfil {\vfil \vfil}
\def \dotfill {\leaders \hbox to 0,4 em {\hfil .\hfil} \hfil}
\halign to \hsize
	#\dotfill \tabskip = 0 pt plus 1 fil &#\tabskip = 0 pt&£$\,$#\hfil \cr
\noalign {\headerfont Ales, Beers, Ciders, Lagers, Stouts\vfil}
	Bottled Beers (all brands)\span &2-30\cr
	Cider\span &2-70\cr
	Clausthaler Extra Herb\span &2-50\cr
	Foster's\span &2-80\cr
	Goacher's\span &2-70\cr
	Guest ale(s)\span &2-80\cr
	Guiness\span &3-00\cr
	Kronenburg\span &3-00\cr
\noalign {\Vfil \headerfont Spirits\vfil}
	Brandy\span &2-20\cr
	Gin\span &1-90\cr
	Jack Daniel's\span &1-90\cr
	Sambuca\span &1-70\cr
	Southern Comfort\span &1-90\cr
	Vodka\span &1-90\cr
	Whisky\span &1-90\cr
\noalign {\Vfil \headerfont Wines \& Fortified Wines\vfil}
	Ginger Wine\span &1-50\cr
	House Reds\span &2-50\cr
	House Whites\span &2-50\cr
\noalign {\Vfil \headerfont Miscellaneous\vfil}
	Mixers\span &1-00\cr
	Soft Drinks (cans)\span &0-70\cr
\noalign {\eject}

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