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Subject: Re: [texhax] how to cite a wikipedia page

At the left side of a Wikipedia page there is a link "Cite this page",
[left side of page: ToolBox]
one can find the bibliographic information of the page and also the proper
citation in various formats; it also gives a BibTeX entry like this:

 @misc{ wiki:xxx,
   author = "Wikipedia",
   title = "ML (programming language) --- Wikipedia{,} The Free
   year = "2013",
   url =
   note = "[Online; accessed 1-March-2013]"

Hope this helps! --Pablo.

Yes, this is one of the key ideas I was looking for:
how to provide the url of the page that I saw.

thank you all,
your commentary helped me understand and reframe my Q
which were
* author
* correct class
* date-stamped Wikipedia page reference
* which style: APA was recommended by other SAS-user-group authors

As noted in my SAS-L post

I decided not to go with the Wikipedia recommendation of class=misc
and stick with inproceedings.

Ron Fehd
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