[texhax] Problems with command \markboth

Pablo Mayckon pmsf at alu.dc.ufc.br
Fri Jun 14 16:53:06 CEST 2013

> Hi everyone, I was writing and I need use the command \markboth for
> add a headings so at right and left, my code is: [...]
> but when I compile appears "name" at the left and the page number on
> the right, I need which appears Biography, what's the problem?

Hello, Darío!

I'm not sure whether I got your point. The page numbers are bound to appear
even if you use "\markboth". If your problem is that only "name" appears in
the headings, like discussed here


then the answer is this: "In one-sided printing [which is the default for the
article document class], all pages are considered to be right-hand ones" (page
90 of Lamport's book on LaTeX 2e). So you just need to choose two-sided


Section 4.4 of "The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e" (freely available
online) also hints that the "fancyhdr" package might be useful for you.

Hope this helps! --Pablo.

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