[texhax] invoices in LaTeX

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Fri Jun 7 17:33:18 CEST 2013

On Fri, 7 Jun 2013, Gordon Haverland wrote:

    On June 6, 2013, Gordon Haverland wrote:
    > The invoice package apparently did work at one time, there is a
    > note about using it with scrlttr of Koma Script.  What I was
    > using for letters from Koma Script is scrlttr2.
    > Neither \begin{invoice} or \begin{invoiceenv} work (the second
    > is the workaround for scrlttr).
    > Perhaps the log isn't verbose enough, but I haven't a clue as
    > to why the invoice package isn't working with scrlttr2 of
    > Koma.
    I never attempted a minimal example, as in looking at the log 
    there was no place to start.  Seeing that pdflatex ran out of 
    stack was not a lot of help.


    For a long "invoice" section, page breaks can occur in 
    uncomfortable places (looks to me like a widow and orphan 
    problem).  Using \clearpage after inputting data for a project is 
    not the answer, as that starts the subtotals and totals on the 
    next page.  Adding break lines (\\) does seem to work, but it is a 
    manual process to determine how many are needed.

being a user of neither "invoice" nor "scrletter",
this is a shot in the dark.

\newpage doesn't have quite all the side effects
of \clearpage, so perhaps that might alleviate
the problem of where to break pages.  there's
also the plain tex fallback of \vfill\break (or
maybe a one-l \vfil would be enough if there are
no elements with stretch earlier on the page).
						-- bb

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