[texhax] latexmk error in gnome-terminal

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Wed Jan 16 13:50:34 CET 2013

that is not my point, why do you even need to launch a terminal, that is what I do not understand

Besides, running

gnome-terminal -e "latexmk -g -pdf fueq_master.tex"

from a command line works just fine for me, as does this bash script


gnome-terminal -e "latexmk -g -pdf fueq_master.tex"

so please be a bit more specific as to what and why

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gnome-terminal with ls -l works fine here too. I can run latexmk from the commandline, so it's in the PATH.
The problem only occurs with latexmk.

I'm writing a script which would launch gnome-terminal and latexmk inside it.

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