[texhax] passing package options on the commandline

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Jan 3 13:57:35 CET 2013

this might work (untested)

pdflatex "\RequirePackage[demo]{graphicx}\input{file.tex}"

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Subject: [texhax] passing package options on the commandline

Im using linux and wondering if it's possible to pass options to packages from the commandline.

Specifically, I want to generate a document version where figures are replaced by rectangles. This is achieved with the "draft" option in the graphicx package.

I want to automate this with a shell script, so it'll produce one document version with the figures included, and one in the "draft" mode. so I need to somehow pass the "draft" options to graphicx togetehr with the "latex" command.


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