[texhax] [Re: The details of \csname] TeX Live binaries -- OT

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Wed Feb 27 14:33:43 CET 2013

re "rtfm", yes, there are times when one
finds that "frustrating" or "ferschluggene"
or stronger is appropriate.  but in this
case, there are two reasons to avoid the
explicit term used, even in jest.  reinhard
has already pointed out one of them (thanks!).

the other is more pragmatic: there are a
number of "nanny filters" that will exclude
a message with certain words from delivery,
and it would be unfortunate to fail in the
effort to communicate useful information
to anyone who might learn from it.

if it's desired to vent one's frustration,
the suggested ^^c4 "workaround" sounds good
to me.
						-- bb

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