[texhax] [Re: The details of \csname] TeX Live binaries -- OT

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Feb 26 23:20:40 CET 2013

I for one am quite happy to see "language such as that". Sometimes
"fucking" is the only appropriate adjective.

I am offended by *many* things that Philip Taylor would probably
consider to be completely acceptable.  But I overlook them, inasmuch
as I respect the right of others to express themselves as they
see fit.


         Rolf Turner

On 02/27/2013 11:11 AM, Philip TAYLOR wrote:
> Uwe Lück wrote:
>> Am Dienstag, den 26.02.2013, 15:54 +0000 schrieb Philip TAYLOR:
>>> Uwe Lück wrote:
>>>> Then I clicked on "Extensions to TeX" in the ******* manual
>>> I for one have no wish ever to read language such as that
>>> on the TeXhax list ever again.
>>> Philip Taylor
>> On my walks in progress, I have often thought about the problem
>> that obviously not everybody understands all the subtleties of
>> my postings, and of what I could do about it.
> The subtleties of what you write are irrelevant.  My complaint
> was aimed solely at your use of a word that has no place in
> a public forum such as this.  Omit the obscenities and the
> problem will disappear.
> Philip Taylor
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