[texhax] FW: Arrow head too large on \overarrowright

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Mon Dec 30 14:32:05 CET 2013

 >|I'd have to say that the over-arrows in amsmath aren't very good,
 >|but the major failing is with the arrow characters in the computer
 >|modern font.  

Donald: I agree about the CM font but the \overrightarrow macro in
non-AMS styles is even worse than in AMS styles; your redefinition
of \overarrow won't help in, say, article. And you've omitted a
definition of \m at th.

Recommending the txfonts in their original form isn't a good idea.
Michael Sharpe's newtxmath package will give better results overall.

Bob T.

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