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> as a parting shot, you get a mail saying you "got what [you] deserved".

Russians have an universal answer: Сам дурак (meaning: "you are fool by
yourself"; pronunciation like "some durark") which fits as an answer to
anything from the list

1) "Ты дурак" (you are fool);
2) Innocent enquiry;
3) Ditto with a some unnecessary bitching;
4) Ditto with a lot of unnecessary bitching;
5) Inquiry why the hell tabular does not have spreadsheet capacity;
6) Ditto with explanation that such capacity is an industry standard;
7) Ditto with accusation in ignorance, arrogance and a general stupidity;
8) Bug report without minimal example;
9) Ditto with 10 MB minimal example;
10) Ditto with 10 lines minimal example

and to anything not in it.

One can decide where the original inquiry belongs


Victor Ivrii
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