[texhax] complaints

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Fri Dec 27 15:15:40 CET 2013

Another day, a little more patience.

 >|   Similarly annoying, there are three places in my manscript
 >|where I sould like to box off, with a border, pieces of
 >|texct/equations. They are especially important. I've read all
 >|of your informative instructions about what commands to use in
 >|order to do this. The only thing I can accomplish it to either 1)
 >|produce a one-line box of text, extending acroos both columns,
 >|and then endlessly beyond, -or- if I put in all the correc
 >|[ ] parameters, I can create a nervous breakdown, in which,
 >|apparently very line of text in the ms. is in error, and it
 >|insults my mother, etc. Suggestions?

Well I suggest you tell us some useful things, such as what
"informative instructions" you read and what exactly you tried,
instead of waxing poetic about your grief. Have you for example
tried \fbox, \framebox or \boxedminipage? Can you show us exactly
what you have been doing instead of describing the symptoms and
expecting us to diagnose what you might have done wrong?

Bob T.

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