[texhax] Fractional super/subscripts in pdf bookmarks

William F Hammond hmwlfsr at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 20 21:11:09 CET 2013


> Since bookmarks are only plain text (no formatting etc)
> and Unicode does not encode any superscripts (the Unicode
> "superscripts" are linguistic symbols, not a way to format
> superscripts in plain text), I think the only "clean"
> solution is to rewrite the expression in a way the does
> not require superscripts at all (at least for the
> bookmarks part). I personally would just avoid math
> formulas in section titles altogether.

There are those who say it is a matter of good taste not to
put math and textscripts in section titles.

That aside, speaking without checking things out, I would
hope that pdf bookmarks are taken from the (toc) option of
\section[]{} and, therefore, one need only provide a toc
version of the title that is free of math and textscripts.

                              -- Bill

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