[texhax] Article like class file for authors and book like class file for a journal issue.

William F Hammond hmwlfsr at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 10 18:10:30 CET 2013

Sukomal Modak <SUKOMAL at csiamerica.com> writes:

> . . .
> So far, I can see that we need two kinds of class files --- (a) standard class file
> for the authors who will write an article based on the file supplied by us and (b)
> class file for the entire issue containing a certain number of articles. Each article
> will have its own bibliography and the author will supply the tex files, image files,
> and a compiled pdf file. This kind of class files are widely available for different
> journals and different publishers. On the publisher’s end we are required to integrate
> all the articles together into a book form.
> Now here is my question. Is there any standard class file for each article and the
> corresponding class file for the entire book? What is the best way to go with it so
> that the process of integration becomes smooth and reasonably effortless.

Why would you want individual authors to submit compiled PDF
files?  Does this mean that the "book" will just be an
assembling of those PDF files?  Unless the whole thing is
built from source, your enterprise will likely be unable to
have a satisfactory online presence.

If you do plan to build the whole from source, then, I
expect that you will need to provide technical editing of
the individual sources submitted by your authors.

My suggestion for eliminating the technical editing are
discussed in my talk at TUG 2010 "LaTeX profiles as objects
in the category of markup languages",

                              -- Bill

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