[texhax] Place graphic on every page but first

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Tue Aug 20 10:05:04 CEST 2013

Hi Jerry,

Jerry schrieb:
> I am using the "textpos" package to position an image at a specific
> location on every page but the first one in a document I am working on.
> [...]
> I am trying to find a package that will allow me do that, but have
> not found one as yet.

How about defining pagestyles? Here's some pseudo-code for you. (I do not 
usually use fancyhdr, so I would have to research the commands to define 
headings, and I'm too lazy to do so right now.)

% define the header block, including positioning of the graphics:
% define the header block without the graphics:
% define pagestyles
\makeatletter  % <-- needed if not in style file
% pagestyle FirstPage:
\def\ps at FirstPage{
	\FancyHdrClearHeadCommand                %<-- replace by correct command
	\FancyHdrHead{\firstpageheadercontents}  %<-- replace by correct command
% pagestyle StandardPage:
\def\ps at StandardPage{
	\FancyHdrClearHeadCommand                %<-- replace by correct command
	\FancyHdrHead{\standardheadercontents}   %<-- replace by correct command
\makeatother   % <-- needed if not in style file

% after begin document:
% first activate fancyhdr's capabilities:
\pagestyle{fanchdr}  %<-- replace by correct command
% now use the header blocks defined above:

Disclaimer: I took this code from a working but very old document, which I know 
was created by a person who tends to hack things together with a genius for 
making things work and no eye at all for style or ease of usage. So there 
probably exist better ways to do this...

Hope that helps anyways,


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