[texhax] handling of dot and space in a string

Goebel, Juergen juergen.goebel at cassidian.com
Thu Aug 15 14:15:25 CEST 2013


The structure in the example works fine, but only if there
is nor a dot neither a space in the string (dot: output is
interrupted, space: will be ignored).

What do I have to change to set also dot and spaces correctly?




 \newlength{\jgTikZ <at> xcoord}%
 \newlength{\jgTikZ <at> ycoord}%
 \setlength{\jgTikZ <at> xcoord}{0cm}%
 \setlength{\jgTikZ <at> ycoord}{0cm}%
    \begingroup\jgTikZ <at> WORD#1.\endgroup%
 \def\jgTikZ <at> WORD#1{%
    \ifx#1.\let\next\relax\else\jgTikZ <at> Word{#1}\let\next=\jgTikZ <at> WORD\fi%
 \newcommand\jgTikZ <at> Word[1]{%
    \node at (\jgTikZ <at> xcoord,\jgTikZ <at> ycoord) {#1};%
    \addtolength{\jgTikZ <at> xcoord}{1cm}%




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