[texhax] August 2013 TUG news: conferences, TUGboat, book reviews

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Wed Aug 14 01:33:40 CEST 2013

Dear TeX users,

As we approach mid-August, it's time for another newsletter from TUG

Here in New Jersey, it seems as if most of the state has headed to the
shore for vacation, but in Tokyo, the local organizing committee for the
annual meeting is hard at work creating an outstanding schedule of
talks, excursions, and gatherings that should prove highly
educational. The meeting is October 23--26 at the University of Tokyo,
Komaba, Tokyo. For full details, check out the website at

The venues for 2014, 2015, and 2016 are beginning to firm up.
Check this space for more in the coming months.

Other news:

* For those in the US Pacific northwest, there's another introductory
   type design workshop from CraftingType in Seattle, Sept. 19-21.

* Also this fall is the 7th ConTeXt Meeting and TeXperience 2013
   (the annual CSTUG meeting), Brejlov, Czech Republic, Sept. 23-29.

* TUGboat 34:2 is now at the printer.  Look for your issue soon.
   The deadline for the next issue is November 8; this will be the
   conference proceedings.  In addition, articles, notes, and musings on
   any topic related to TeX and friends are welcome.
* New book review: William Adams has reviewed What Our Lettering Needs:
   The Contribution of Hermann Zapf to Calligraphy & Type Design at
   Hallmark Cards, by Rick Cusick.  
Happy TeXing!

Steve Peter
TUG President
(on behalf of the TUG Board)

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