[texhax] Placing data in margin

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Aug 4 03:14:23 CEST 2013

My apologies if I am being stupid and missing the essential point, but 
why doesn't \marginpar from base LaTeX accomplish what you want?  Note
that issuing the command \reversemarginpar (e.g. in the preamble) causes 
the marginalia to be placed on the left.


	Rolf Turner

On 03/08/13 23:56, Jerry wrote:
> This is probably a simple problem; however, I cannot find a solution.
> Using "report" class, one sided, with standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper and all
> margins set to 1 inch, I am creating several forms for a local
> municipality. They would take the general form of:
> 1. Enter Name: _____
> 2: Enter Address _____
> 3: City _____ State _____ Zip _____
> 4: Owner's Name: _____
> 5: Processed By: _____ Date: _____ Fee Paid: _____
> Actually, these  forms can be several pages long and quite involved.
> The problem is that they want the item number, be it a number or
> letter, to be located in the margin on the left side of the form. I
> cannot figure out how to accomplish that. I did try the "marginnote"
> package; however, no matter how I tried, I could never get it to place
> a margin item anywhere but the right side of the page.
> Also, I was using "tabbing" to get the items where I wanted them, since
> some lines request several bits of information. This works fine except
> that the horizontal space left between the "end tabbing" and the next
> "begin tabbing" is greater than the normal horizontal line spacing. Is
> there anyway to automatically eliminate that problem? I have been using
> negative "vspace" entries. The document(s) are usually enclosed in a
> "\begin{spacing}{1.4} .... \end{spacing}" block. I loaded the
> "setspace" package to accomplish that. That line spacing seems about
> right for hand filled in documents.

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