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Neal H. Walfield wrote on 2013-04-26:
> Hi,
> At some point (soon), I'm going to be done with my thesis.  I'd like
> to archive the document along with all its TeX dependencies (that is,
> everything except for latex itself).  My motivation is that I want to
> be able to rebuild my thesis in a few years.  My caution is based on
> my experiences working with various LaTeX packages.  When I started, I
> was using Debian Squeeze.  After upgrading to Wheezy, I learned that
> the new version of siunitx provides a new, incompatible API.  I needed
> to do \usepackage[version-1- compatibility]{siunitx} to get my
> document to compile.  Sure, it's easy, but I had figure that out.  Who knows what will happen in 10 years...
> What I imagine is some program that looks at my TeX log files and
> copies all of the system-wide files into a local texmf tree.  Does
> something like this already exist?

Yes, I think. See 


Alternatively, I wrote some time ago a shell script to package up a latex project. Actually, my script packs up everything EXCEPT for stuff in the texmf tree, i.e., my own style files, graphics files, latex sources, etc. Between these two approaches you should find something to help you. And it is probably easy to modify mine (if you speak csh) or mkjobtexmf (if you speak perl) to do both. Mine makes no attempt, however, to preserve folder structure.

Best wishes

PS My .sh tries to find the system texmf tree based on unix filenames. I have a hacked windows version that overcomes the space character in "Program Files" if you need it.
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