[texhax] Slightly silly question

Alan T Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Mon Oct 29 00:37:50 CET 2012





On 29/10/12 12:21 PM, Michael Barr wrote:
> I just lent a friend of mine the tex-live disk I got from TUG.  He has a
> Mac and I have a Win box.  I know how to get started on a PC and I
> assumed that somewhere in the Miktex\doc directory there would be a
> "getting started" document.  But I couldn't find any such doecument.  I
> cannot find anything called local guide, for example.  Now I have been
> using tex since about 1985 and I know these things for a PC like the
> back of my hand, but I haven't any idea how you do things on a Mac and I
> don't know how to find it.  I do know this: if I were a new tex user on
> a Win machine, I could not get started from the documentation I could
> find on mine.
> Michael Barr

PO Box 1941, Auckland

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