[texhax] Query about LaTeX

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Sun Oct 21 12:41:07 CEST 2012

Dear Pitambar --

> I have some problem regarding the latex2e. I have to published my
> research paper in *LaTeX2e.*
> I am able to write in LaTeX but not LaTeX2e. I have no idea about this
> documentation system. Will you tell me the exact difference, or if this
> is new version, then suggest me the book regarding LaTeX2e or whatever
> information about it.

The probability is very very high that you are already writing in
LaTeX2e, albeit without perhaps being aware of the fact.  The
"original" LaTeX is now very very old, and the fore-runner to
LaTeX2e, itself called LaTeX 2.09, has not been developed for
about fifteen years.  If your documents start with


and not with


then you are already using LaTeX2e, and your existing work will be
compatible with the needs for your research paper.

With very best wishes :
Philip Taylor

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