[texhax] A Comprehensive list of TeX primitives and Plain TeX macros

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Thu Oct 11 15:34:46 CEST 2012

hi, paul,

    I'm looking for the above in order to create a pronunciation dictionary for
    my speech synth.

    The glossary in TeX by Topic contains a fair number of the primitives but
    not all of them.

from a quick look at the file tex.web it
appears that all the entries destined for
the index by use of the prefatory string
are primitives.  what follows the third
backslash can be either a string of letters
or a single non-letter.  of course there
are numerous duplicates, but given knuth's
propensity for careful documentation, i
expect the results of extracting all these
entries would yield a complete list.

separately, i've sent paul a copy of a
list of all control sequences in plain and
ams-tex, but as mentioned already, not all
primitives are necessarily used in plain,
so the plain/amstex list may not be
complete in that regard.
						-- bb

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