[texhax] PCTex 3.4 version or early on disks?

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Wed Nov 21 17:53:08 CET 2012

On November 20, 2012, Sally Jones wrote:
> I still use the MSDOS versions of PCTex. I have it on several
> computers. However, I have a hard time getting it set up &
> working correctly when I have a system crash, etc.
> Of course my old floppies cannot be used to reload a system so
> I have to transfer from another computer & stuff gets messed
> up. Does anyone have the old PCTex Version 3.4 on disks or
> earlier? I have all the old floppies...can anyone convert them
> to disk & how much would it cost?
> I bought the PCTex v5 but I don't like running it in the
> windows environment because I haven't taken the time to learn
> it. I began in PCTex with Lance Carnes, Michael Spivak, &
> Michael Ballentine in Houston, TX in the early 80's & love the
> MSDOS version because I have used it all these years.
> Second question is because I have had to transfer PCTex from
> computer to computer when I had failures that I only get 1/2
> screen on my monitor when I am working with it. Any
> suggestions on that?
> HELP!!! You can reach me on my cell if you care too (410)
> 430-5448. Looking forward to someone that knows about my
> precious PCTex...everyone thinks it is a dinosauer.

MIT has a set of installation instructions from 1994.  Either 
there is no version number, or I haven't had enough coffee yet.


UIC has a description of PCTeX version 3.12 dated March 16, 1992.  
No installation instructions.



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