[texhax] Custom font in Latex

Hefferon, James S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Tue Nov 20 13:47:02 CET 2012


> We are working in UNIX environment and we would like to install a custom font in latex.

Perhaps you hadn't worked out but you sent to a mailing list, so the best practice would be to look there for the answers.  People did reply.

In short, it depends on the details of the font, and of how the person wants to use it inside LaTeX.  For instance, you may be lucky and it may be a font that someone has already worked out the necessary supporting material for, and you just download and install that material.  Another easy option would be that the user can use the font with the xelatex extension of LaTeX, which allows the use of system fonts.  But that all depends on the details.  What font is it?


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