[texhax] Fumbling with fonts.

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Thu Nov 1 09:08:26 CET 2012

Rolf Turner <r.turner at auckland.ac.nz> a écrit:
> For reasons best known to myself ( :-) )I want to produce a "solid"
> \heartsuit symbol, rather than just the outline, which is what \heartsuit
> gives you.
> After scrounging around I found that one way is to load the arev
> package and use the \varheart symbol which that package makes
> available.
> Unfortunately invoking
>      \usepackage{arev}
> has the effect of changing all of the fonts in my document, which I
> don't want.  How can I "shut this off"?  I.e. I just want to have the
> \varheart symbol available and leave everything else alone.
> Can anyone tell me how to effect this?  (And please keep explanations
> elementary.  I am a bear of very little brain, especially when it comes
> to fonts.)

A solution is to use directly the font loaded by the arev package:

    \font\heartfont=favmr7y at 10pt % set your own size here
    \newbox\heartbox \setbox\heartbox=\hbox{\heartfont\char"56}

(The box trick allows you not to bother about math mode.)

I hope it helps.


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