[texhax] TeX Queries (1)

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Tue Jul 10 14:40:38 CEST 2012

    > However, it's a pity that the copyright of the book doesn't explicitly
    > allow visually impaired people to compile the sources.  But I'm
    > convinced that neither Knuth nor Addison-Wesley object in this case.

    I suggest that the author find a way to release the source files.

the *source* *is* open.
the pdf file is *not* the source.

    It's clear that open source propagates.  Closed systems don't.
    It is harming TeX/LaTeX to have the source closed!!


i'm speaking here with some conflict of
interest.  knuth has assigned at least
part of the royalties for the texbook
to the tex users group.  i don't know
whether you're a member of tug or not,
but since so much of tex is free -- and
intended to remain that way -- fewer
and fewer people are becoming new members
*or renewing their membership* in most
of the tex groups around the world.
since these groups support both use
and development, and try to provide a
platform to help users to communicate
(see the domain for the address on this
message), keeping them strong and viable
is important.
						-- bb

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