[texhax] writing documents with Latex for a newby

Arno Gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 00:08:14 CEST 2012

On 02/08/12||15:43, Gordon Haverland wrote:
> On August 2, 2012, Uwe Ziegenhagen wrote:
> > c) What is the general headache about? Where are your main
> > issues with LaTeX?
> Can I add another question to Uwe's list?
> d) Are you familiar with any other "markup language"?
> If you don't know what a markup language is, that's fine.  Some 
> examples are: HTML, MathML, SVG, DocBook, any of the nroff family 
> (roff/nroff/troff/ditroff/...), eqn, pic, tbl.
> Gord

Thank you for your answer.

I came to Latex via R-project and R sweave. I am not a computer guy but
a trader, so my knowledges in markup language are near zero.As a Arch
Linux user, I still have some understandings about codes in general.

For now I am training on short reports, like rewriting my CV or writing
weekly statement for an hedge-fund (weekly perf with ratios and
comments). BUT my final goal, very ambitious, is to be able to mix R and
latex in order to build automated reportings. As you can see, the way is
very long.

I have a long experience of mailing lists/forums, so I think I know how
to post in a correct manner.

Hopefully, on an IRC channel, I found a Latex guy which can maybe reply
to short questions.
As for the doc on internet, I found sssooo mmmaaannnyyy that I can't
even know which one to choose!

For now, I will keep trying to understand what I write and maybe come
here sometimes for more precise answers.


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