[texhax] Altlinux and texlive 2011

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Apr 16 00:36:00 CEST 2012

On 2012-04-15 at 23:01:11 +0400, сагдеев наиль wrote:

 > Dear ,
 > I am new in texlive.I have installed texlive-2008 , Lyx and
 > texmaker from repository Altlinux (http://www.altlinux.com/). I am
 > a student from Russia.I must write course works with eskd.  I am
 > also give you my start of work,but I have mistake.Can you repair ?

It seems that your mail was broken somhow because some of the programs
involved didn't recognize the character encoding.  Maybe it's better
to attach a compressed file instead.

Also, you didn't tell us what went wrong.  Did you get any error
message?  Then please post them here.  The log file is also helpful.
And please create a minimal example which only shows the problem.

What I see at a first glance is that you are using T1 font encoding
instead of T2A, which is needed for Russian.  Replace




And finally:


You have to specify specify at least one language here.

You also have to select a font which supports Cyrillic.


 > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 > %% LyX 2.0.0rc3 created this file.  For more info, see http://www.lyx.org/.
 > %% Do not edit unless you really know what you are doing.
 > \documentclass[12pt,russian]{article}
 > \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
 > \usepackage[koi8-r]{inputenc}
 > [...]
 > \usepackage{babel}
 > \begin{document}
 > [...]

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