[texhax] Mathematics subject classification numbers question

Kurt Foster drsardonicus at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 13 01:02:43 CEST 2012

This has got to be something that's simple to do, but I have spent  
many hours trying to track down exactly how, so far without success.

I am preparing a paper for the Illinois Journal of Mathematics.  It  
instructs authors to include mathematics subject classification  
numbers ``in the usual format.''  The IJM has a sample .tex file for  
an actual paper.  It is in  \documentclass{amsart}, which uses the  
command \subjclass{} for the msc numbers.  This makes the argument   
appear in an unnumbered, unmarked footnote at the bottom of page 1.   
So apparently that's the ``usual format'' for the subject  
classification numbers.

But my paper is in  \documentclass{article} for which there is no  
\subjclass{} command (at least, I got an ``undefined control  
sequence'' error when I tried it).  I have tried \footnote{}, but that  
makes a numbered footnote.  I have also tried \thanks{} within  
\title{} or \author{}.  That also puts a footnote where I want it, but  
marks it (and the title or author's name) with an asterisk.  So how do  
I get an unmarked, unnumbered footnote for the msc numbers at the  
bottom of page 1?

Yes, I could simply change the .tex file for my paper to  
\documentclass{amsart}.  But if I do THAT, it will wreak havoc with  
line breaks in the many inline math mode expressions that appear  
throughout the text.  And my paper is over 30 pages long...


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