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William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Mon Apr 9 18:12:25 CEST 2012

On Apr 9, 2012, at 12:05 PM, Michael P. Soulier wrote:

> I don't follow. It doesn't maintain vector to vector graphics?

No, GIMP only emits pixels (that would've been easier to grok if I'd written out ``flattening'' instead of the ``flatting'' typo, my apologies).

> Inkscape is handy for SVG, which convert to EPS, although I've had some issues
> getting the look the way I like it.

which is why I mentioned it w/ a caveat in my initial message in this thread.

> The graphics situation in LaTeX is frustrating. For someone who just wants to
> include an image without knowing much about them, a word processor is far
> simpler. I keep using LaTeX because I'm stubborn, and I don't like word
> processors very much.

If you need to include vector .eps images you may find Cenon or Scribus (mentioned by Steve Schwartz) of use.


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