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William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
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On Apr 7, 2012, at 11:27 PM, A. Gyasi-Agyei wrote:

> (2) The best software to create encapsulated postscript (EPS) graphics
> format?

Sadly, that's been pretty much abandoned --- Altsys Virtuoso on NeXTstep was perfect (for my needs). Its successor, Macromedia FreeHand for Mac OS and Windows is still workable, but is not going to be up-dated, and won't work on the latest version of Mac OS X.

If you get Adobe's Creative Suite you can add enough plug-ins to make Adobe Illustrator usable, but it's still needlessly complex.

For opensource programs there are a number of options:

 - Inkscape --- while oriented towards SVG this should be usable for .eps and CMYK

 - Cenon --- originally a CAD/CAM program, it's been opensourced: 


There are others, but Cenon is my general-purpose suggestion --- if you have specific needs, let us know and I'll see if I can think of something better suited to your needs.


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